OK, guys, listen up, hopefully, you haven’t been living under a rock for ah, the past 6 months because the newest generation of make-up has launched, Milk Makeup and man, it’s like they climbed inside our heads, deciphered exactly what we wanted in the make-up department and created it. It’s bold, cool, fresh, and made for the girl who doesn’t like to look too polished, too perfect, or like she’s tried too hard in the make-up department.

The brainchild of power fashion couple Zanna Roberts Rassi and Mazdack Rassi (Milk studios co-founder) and creative director Georgie Greville, Milk brings multi-functional, easy to use products to girls with style who have no time to think about doing a full face of make-up. YASSS!

So we asked Co-Founder and Fashion Editor of Marie Claire US, Zanna Roberts Rassi if she could create a MILK look for us in 2 minutes or less, and here’s what went down.

Products Zanna used:

Milk Makeup Face Mist – “To cleanse and prep dry skin”.
Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint in Honey – “For light coverage with SPF!”
Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer in Baked – “Hello instant cheekbones and sun-kissed vibes.”
Milk Makeup Brown Pencil in Pale Ale – “Essential to frame the face.”
Milk Makeup Highlighter in LIT – “Makes the whole face glow, love it on my lips too.”
Milk Makeup Shadow Liner in VP – “The quickest smokey eye, in literally seconds.”
Milk Makeup Lipstick in Getting Colour – “POP!!”

You’re welcome.