The temperature’s definitely dropping down here in the southern hemisphere, so we’re getting in early with a few of our favourite ways to keep the winter woes at bay.

Like everything in life, winter has pro’s (red wine, leather jackets, rugging-up, spooning and sleep-ins) and cons (pale, flaky skin, dry, cracked lips and sweatpants).

In winter, we dream of summer (sun-kissed skin and our hard-earned bikini bodies); in summer, we dream of big coats, boots and beanies.

The good news is, we’re going to show you how to kick most of winter’s cons to the curb (sans the sweatpants, unfortunately). And whether you’re freezing your bits off down south, or sweating it out over the European summer (NB. if this is you, we can’t be friends anymore), these 7 tips will have you buffed-and-babed-up in no time.


By Carmen Hamilton.