It’s right about now (i.e. when it’s 6 degrees and near-freezing) that we wonder why – at the end of summer – we start saying crazy things like ‘I can’t wait to dress-up in big coats, boots and beanies this winter’.

Why would we ever wish something like that upon ourselves? Or our skin for that matter?

We’re well aware winter is relatively mild down under (as in, we’ve had splitting cuticles, flaky skin around the nose and cracked, dry lips in NY), but there’s still no denying that the cold, dry air and your skin aren’t exactly friends.

Winter does all kinds of bad things to our skin. Outside, the cold wind rasps it and causes redness, and inside, heaters and hot showers strip it of moisture, resulting in flakiness and an overall look of ‘dullness’. That’s when you know it’s time to quit the lightweight lotions and cue the heavy duty stuff.

And by ‘heavy’ we don’t mean the greasy kind. We’re talking ultra-nourishing, highly- protective, skin-loving creams that will keep your skin preserved all winter long.

We narrowed it down the five we think you need to know about now.

Yeah, you’re welcome.

Pictured: Valentino bag from Parlour X.