Hello! My name is Emma but most people call me Gott or Gottie. I grew up in Hobart, a small city in Tasmania. I left almost 10 years ago chasing the sunshine all the way to Sydney.

North Bondi is now the place I call home and I feel very blessed to do so. I am a textbook Piscean and find being close to the ocean keeps me grounded but also energised – that means trying to jump in it whenever I can. Salt water really is a magical cure-all, especially because 2018 has been a small beast. I recently started my own creative services consultancy after 5 years working at a PR agency. This has been game-changing for my daily make up routine which, unless I have meetings, is almost non-existent.

When it comes to beauty I’m slightly lazy and opt for a less is more approach. I tend to feel my most ravishing fresh out of the ocean, all air dried, salty and kissed by the sun. Gott el naturale, I call it. I also try to focus attention on what I am putting inside my body which has an impact on the outside – this includes a truckload of vitamins and herbs, bone broth, The Beauty Chef Glow Powder and most recently I’ve introduced colonics – aka the rockstar detox.

Look, I’m known to really enjoy a spritz, so it’s more about balance or, in the very least, the eternal search for.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

This is seriously the BOMB. The main ingredient must be angels tears, for you spritz it before or after makeup and end up with the most heavenly glow. I have developed a serious addiction. Do yourself a favour: GO BUY NOW. The mask is great too – it’s purple so you get to enjoy looking like a grape for 30 mins.


The Beauty Chef GLOW Powder and BEAR Supplements

A pre and probiotic formula that is like a big hug for your insides. I always notice it in my skin when I run out. I’m a bit of a supplement nut – I take this daily along with magnesium, zinc, fish oil, pro-biotic, vitamin B, milk thistle, flaxseed oil, charcoal and chlorophyll if I’ve had a super festive weekend (before and after going out). This, along with colonics, which I try to do monthly at To Wonderland in North Bondi. I also love the Bear Protect Supplements.


ORIBE Shampoo and Conditioner

Di at KODA in Bondi is the harry potter of hair (i.e. my mane wizard) and responsible for keeping me blonde. Apart from tending to my roots, I try not to cut it much and keep my routine pretty low key. I just wash it and then let it air dry. Recently, I started using this fancy shampoo and conditioner which is purple and somehow keeps my hair from going green. When I am feeling lazy I crop dust it with PLAYA Dry Shampoo which extends wash time and smells delightful too.


Rationale Membership

I don’t use foundation, just a bit of RMS to cover the spots and I’m good to rock and roll! I’ve started taking better care of my skin and try and wear SPF50+ and a hat on the beach. I’m a recent convert to the Rationale Skincare Club, one which I highly recommend a membership to. The products really do work. 


Coco Coco Eau De Parfum by Coqui Coqui

I find it hard to commit to just one scent and tend to flirt with several on rotation. Current faves at the moment are 1996 by Byredo, Coco Coco by Coqui Coqui (which smells like summer in a bottle) and the Loewe men’s fragrance.