With BB, CC, DD and now EE, we’re finding it hard to keep up. Firstly, we’ve been sceptical about whether these creams actually do what they promise or if they were just invented for the sake of alliteration and an easy marketing pitch.

“Beauty balm” is a bit vague, “colour correcting” is getting there, “daily defence”… really? Is that the best you could do?

But in the name of simplifying our daily beauty routines, we thought we’d give these multi-tasking miracle creams a shot… starting at the very beginning with BB.

And let’s just say it didn’t take long to get us hooked.

Let us shed some light on our newfound friend, the BB cream – unlike your standard tinted moisturiser, a BB cream works double-time to protect skin while giving a sheer, natural coverage. This means you can cut down on the number of products you’re using every day (foundation, SPF, serum) because the BB acts like an all-in-one.

What’s not to love? It’s subtle, sheer, natural, offers longterm benefits and saves us time and space in our beauty bags.

Click through to discover six that definitely live-up to the hype.

By Carmen Hamilton.