My love affair with hair styling tools is a long and torrid one. Since purchasing my first crimper in primary school, I’ve scarcely gone a day without using heat on my hair in some capacity, be it with a hair dryer or straightener. Unsurprisingly, after worshipping at the altar of hot tongs for a little too long, my hair has morphed into a limper, thinner version of its former self. Not desirable. This, further exacerbated by my recent foray into becoming a blonde, has left my hair increasingly blah (technical term). Deciding to accept my natural, untouched locks has been a real journey. Little did I know the secret to getting the texture and grip without the tools, à la the crew of Victoria’s Secret models, was as simple as adding a volume powder into my routine.

From enduring seasonal changes to being overzealous with the heat stylers, our hair really rides the rollercoaster of life with us. If your hair is lacking the enviable oomph of days past, you gon’ need to invest in a volume powder. These powders work their magic by lifting your hair from its roots, adding much needed structure. By absorbing the surplus oils and moisture that make your hair très flat, volume powders are generally applied to dry hair to instantly give you that salon finish perfection.

For better or for worse, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to completely part ways with my beloved straightener or curler. But, after turning up the volume with these winners, my hair has been holding the type of bouncy curls to make Elle Ferguson proud.

Sachajuan Volume Powder

If you’re anything like me, meaning you barely make it to the barista most mornings, Sachajuan’s Volume Powder is the easiest way to embrace your sexy bed hair and nail that cool, messy do. After rolling straight out of bed, spritz a light layer of this powdered spray onto dry hair (at the roots), and work through with your fingers. It’s build-able, too — if you want more volume, just keep spraying!


Keune Blend Volume Powder

Keune’s Blend Volume Powder is lightweight and flexible, letting you style and re-style as much as your heart desires. A day after washing my hair, I sprinkled some of the powder on my parting, readying my hair to be scrunched and effortlessly messed up. If you like the look and feel of natural movement in your hair, this is your product.


David Mallett Volume Powder

David Mallett’s Volume Powder is proof that the best things come in small packages. After a day at work, my hair is often super flat and unexciting. I take this travel-sized gem out of my handbag, and apply it to my roots before adding a little extra texture to my ends to finish it off. The result? A divinely scented tousle of salon-styled waves. Just kidding! It was all the work of my hands. Reinforced with bamboo, this powder gives incredible lift and volume. A small amount goes a long way – use sparingly!


Kevin Murphy Powder Puff

Not only does Kevin Murphy’s Powder Puff have the cutest packaging out, this divine lil’ bubble dispenses actual magic. Perfect for those who have fine hair, this product grabs on and morphs to whatever style you’re feeling at the time. Unlike most other powders, you can use it on wet or dry hair, adding texture and height as you sprinkle it over your head. It can also be reactivated throughout the day by simply rustling up your roots.


Evo Haze Styling Powder

I cannot recommend this product more to my fine and straight-haired friends. It holds body like no other, meaning you can bin the hairspray from hereon in. Evo’s Haze lifts from the roots — there’s no need to dabble in heat styling when you can use even the tiniest bit of this product on your hair. I spread it over clean, dry hair using my hands, then give my hair a sassy hair flip as I triumphantly saunter out of the house.


Words, Domonique Chevalley. Photography, Magdalene Shapter.