Last year, we asked real life angel and all-time stylist, Chloe Hill for the products she would absolutely *die* without, to kick off our new THE EDIT series. As expected, her minimal approach to beauty inspired us to better ourselves and our shelves, but our cabinets still look like they’d be at home on classic TV show Hoarders, so we hit up another one of our favourites to find out her top 6 essentials — the one ‘n’ only artist, Vicki Lee.

Much like her ‘gram feed — which is full of snaps of her beautiful artwork and her super adorable toddler — Vicki’s cabinet is giving us severe life FOMO. Some of her must haves come in shiny desirable bottles that can be bought at places like Mecca and Sephora, and others are more about natural ways to help you live that healthy life. Get acquainted below.

AYU Essential Oil Perfume


Our sense of smell is so powerful. AYU oils take me to another world, another time. Rooted in Ayurvedic traditions , I choose different oils depending on where I’m at with life at any given time.”

Chanel Powder


“A quick once-over evens out the skin tones, and the compact fits perfectly in a clutch for a mid-party nose-powdering session.”



Shu Umera Volume Maker


It’s in the most beautiful cylindrical casing. You press the button and it releases powder that I use on my fringe. Instant boof!”


The Base Lip To Cheek Tint


“Even if I don’t wear any make up, the lip to cheek tint always makes me look healthy and alive.”



A Mediterranean Diet


“Good oils in the body makes for good oils outside the body. Fresh fish, loads of fresh vegetables, nuts ,unpasteurized cheeses, fatty cuts of meat and uninhibited amounts of good olive oil.”



Collagen Peptides Powder


“Instead of injecting collagen, I eat it in my smoothies! It really helped with not getting stretch marks when I had my baby a couple of years ago.”


Words, Madeleine Woon.