The fragrance industry is big biz, and we get it. We instantly like people more if they smell good. Shallow, us? No. We don’t think so. That’s what nostrils are for after-all.

But what we’ve started noticing is that everyone smells the same.

We’ve been there. We’ve splurged on the latest and greatest highly anticipated fragrances because a) that bottle needs to live on our shelves, b) we’re suckers for pretty much every new cult fragrance or c) it just smells damn delicious. But whatever the reason, the outcome is the same – we rock-up at dinner, and at least one other person is within a 1m radius is bound to be wearing it too (FYI, not ok).

The catch is, truly unique fragrances (that don’t make you gag) are hard to come by.

That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you and unearthed 7 truly unique fragrances that are worth your hard-earned $$$.

Which one are you?

By Carmen Hamilton.

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