The only kind of bags we want to know about are the ones we can bookmark to buy on NET-A-PORTER.

But if, like us, your favourite pastimes include wine, Instagram, late dinners and more wine, the bags you probably see most on a daily basis are the ones hanging below your eyeballs.

To make matters worse, dark circles and fine lines prove that bad things come in threes.

A bit of concealer or Touche Éclat will definitely smooth things over, but we wouldn’t mind being able to go without.

The bad news is: all of the above is often hereditary, and hard to shake.

The good news is: most people have it, and a little bit of extra love in the eye area goes a long way.

Enter… the new-guard of super-charged eye masks with the most weird and wonderful ingredients – from pure gold and seaweed, to ‘dragon’s blood’ and beyond.

We’ve been there, done that, and these are the ones that work.

By Carmen Hamilton.