You know how the old saying goes — change is as good as a holiday. And sometimes there’s merit in that timeless cliche. Unless said holiday involves skinny dipping somewhere off the South of France with your dream bae, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more therapeutic way to spend your day than making a good ol’ trip to the hairdresser. Equally (if not more so) satisfying is the lead up to the big chop — hours spent traipsing through Instagram, at times sobbing over photos of #flawless models and their #flawless hair. Though when the onslaught of inspo gets a bit too ~real~, this pre-chop research can have you contemplating hacking at your own subpar-by-comparison mane with a pair of nail scissors, because what do you want? Change. And when do you want it? Now.

I’m mostly kidding, but the power of #hairspo is a srs thing. Conveniently, I’ve gone and done most of the above for you (sobbing included), meaning you can *finally* go on that holiday, only with the best goddamn hair of your life! (I’d probably advise locking up your nail scissors and visiting a professional, otherwise look #5 might be your only option.) I’ve got a near-infinite list of hair references, but we’ve all got things to do and places to be, so here’s a tight edit to inspire your next change.

The Fringe


Bangs can be tricky, but when they’re good, they’re reeaally good. The trick is to have a good styling regime up your sleeve. Or not, if you’re opting for the never-not-sexy Caroline de Maigret effect. If a polished Anna Karina fringe is more your vibe, you’ll need to commit to using a hair dryer every morning. Smacks of effort, but it’s the price you will unfortch have to pay for a flattering ‘do. Dry shampoo is another must, as is smoothing serum. It’s worth the effort! I promise.


The Chop


If you’re going to hack haphazardly at your locks, you need to at least have an image in mind. The above is an A+ example! A mullet, severed to perfection — chic, choppy, and informed. A hardcore layered look can work in your favour, shaping your face and adding dimension to your hair. See @bovenistiersi, @micarganaraz, and @steffyargelich for more of this ~dreamy~ look.


The Colour


With the right colourist, it’s hard to go wrong with blonde. There are endless ways of doing it, too — don’t feel it’s a case of peroxide or nothing. What’s crucial is that you go to a professional, and spend some time talking with them about what you want to achieve. Carry reference photos at all times, in the event of a ~sporadic~ trip to the salon. Like having a fringe cut, commitment is key with blonde — upkeep can be expensive, and it’s tempting to want to dye over it once your regrowth starts to peep through. Don’t do that. I’ve done that. Not nice. And $$$ to fix!


The Bob


I have a theory that this look suits absolutely everyone in existence, so don’t give me that, “No, you haven’t seen me with short hair…” excuse. Why you wouldn’t want to revive your ends, even out your colour, and spruce up your look is beyond me. It’s also the least daring change of them all — perfect for those who can’t quite commit to trans-seasonal bangs. Baby steps.


The Shave


Take it off! All you’ll need is a clipper and some ‘tude (à la Adwoa), and I guarantee your head will love you more than you’ve ever known. The benefits are endless, too — think sleeping in for an extra half an hour, not having to worry about humidity catching you off guard, and going to town on your scalp with your beloved Christophe Robin salt scrub. Bliss! Best done with a friend or three at your side, for moral support and #reaction pics.


Words, Betsy Greaves. Photos, @lilahsummer, @birgitkos, @valentinaruby, @bovenistiersi, and @adwoaaboah on Instagram.