Hey guys! My name’s Casey Zhang and I live in Brooklyn, New York. I went freelance just over a year ago and now I’m a full-time side-hustler doing a mix of social media/brand consulting, art direction, and photography.

My schedule can vary so I usually accommodate my routine to whatever is on my calendar that day. Some mornings, I’ll start working as soon as I wake up and I’ll realize midday that I still haven’t changed out of my pajamas. Other days, I might be onsite with a client or on set where I’ll need to be wearing real clothes. In my dream setup, I wake up early with a cup of coffee, spend the mornings doing all the alone “thinking” work, take a break midday for yoga or some kind of physical activity, and then spend the afternoon working with a team or taking meetings.

In terms of skincare, I like to experiment but I usually end up going back to my favorite products. My biggest skincare concern is pigmentation caused by sun damage, something Asian skin tends to be prone to. I used to never listen to people when they told me sunscreen was important, until two years ago when I noticed that a cluster of sunspots had suddenly appeared across my face. Since then I’ve been trying to be better about daily SPF (I use Elta MD based on @gelcream’s recommendation). Outside of that, my routine is mostly focused on keeping my dry skin hydrated.

Sunspots, Be Gone!

I was told that Vitamin C was the best way to get rid of sun damage. I love Cle for all their inventive formulas. Their powder lipstick literally melts on contact and is like doing a fun magic trick on your face, but recently, I’ve started using this serum for my sunspots, and have been noticing a huge difference.


Le Labo, Can You Hear Me?

This body lotion contains my favorite scent and I once wrote to Le Labo asking them to make it into an actual fragrance (no luck yet). The smell of hinoki wood reminds me of Japan and makes my 5 foot by 5 foot windowless bathroom feel like an elegant outdoor onsen.


More Things That Look AND Smell Good

This essential oil diffuser is like a self-care product that is also a beautiful home object you want to keep on display. While we’re here, Le Labo and Vitruvi should do a collaboration on that hinoki scent. 


CBD For Sleep and Stress.

I can never really tell if CBD is working, but the placebo is usually good enough for me. On nights when I can’t seem to shut my brain off before bed, I like to place a few drops of this oil under my tongue. My friends over at Gossamer made this blend specifically for achieving better sleep, thanks to an ultra-luxe blend of cold-pressed, non-GMO and pesticide-free hemp.


Finally, a Cleanser That Doesn't Strip...

I was introduced to Peet Rivko when I started consulting with the brand. Now I use it every day. It’s a super gentle cleanser (aka doesn’t strip my dry skin) and is made from plant-based ingredients. The packaging is also a delight to look at on your shelf.