For those of you that missed the memo about wearing fragrance: we’re here to tell you less is more. We’ve all been there, you casually stroll past someone in the street and BOOM, you’re hit in the face with a smell so overpowering, it’s like your nostrils have being assaulted.

And in summer, it’s worse. With the sweat, the heat, the big September fragrance launches, some of us go a little overboard and end up smelling like we’ve just done a 12 hour shift at Perfumes R Us.

We’re not the kind of girls that wear perfume every day. A scented body oil, sure, a dab of essential oil, even better. So when we do a fragrance round-up, especially a summer fragrance round-up, we select the lightest, freshest scents to make sure you A) won’t smell like everyone else and B) you’re not going to silently disgust any innocent passerby in the street.

We’re rounded up the top 5. Click through to see more.