Sometimes there is nothing better than a big de-clutter to really leave you (and your space) feeling lighter, calmer and just generally more like you’ve got your shit together.

And this especially applies to the bathroom department. And look, we like Muji as much as the next girl, but if we’re honest and we look around, there’s a shit load of clear plastic containers that are definitely not winning awards for chic storage solutions. But how else are we supposed to store all our stuff?

So, just like everyone else we sat down and flipped through Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. But here’s where things got awkward. As we were going through our stuff, holding each item at a time so see if it “sparked joy”, we quickly discovered that bloody everything sparked some kind of joy. So, unless we can pass off 20 vintage (aka empty) perfume bottles as some kind of art installation…we needed some serious help.

So, where better to seek some inspiration but from the chic and effortlessly organised homes we have spent our time snooping around in.

Click through gallery for our tips on recreating the look in your own home.

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