Hey there, I am Stevie DeFelice ; model, artist, and complete music nerd hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Two years ago I made the decision to move to Los Angeles to further pursue modelling and working in the arts. It is here that I found a new home and new inspiration. Currently I live in Downtown LA, and it’s become my perfect blend of New York City’s beat and that infectious California energy.

When I am getting ready, usually it’s happening as quick as possible because I am either incredibly late for work or late to meet my friends. However, if I time it right, I love to make a whole ritual of it. I’ll put on tunes and invite friends over so we can dance and get ready together. I included one of my playlists for your own rituals 😉



City life can seriously wreck your skin day to day. On top of that, with modeling, I can’t avoid having heavy shoot makeup on occasionally. Herbivore Botanicals crushes though, and has helped my dryness and also helped my skin heal. I use their blue tansy mask about twice a week to keep my skin looking fresh and healthy. Their lapis oil is perfect for if my skin is extra dry.

In relocating to Los Angeles, I ran into the same problem that so many of us face… my skin had a complete and total rebellion to the change in water. I do consider myself pretty lucky that I never had to deal with cystic acne in my teens; just an occasional pimple here and there. However, moving to LA met me with more acne than I ever had before in my life. It took me a minute to find something that worked for my combination skin, and two years in I think I have finally got it down. When it comes down to acne, I fully believe in Paula’s Choice skincare. This online retailer not only has advice from experts and in depth information about their products; but also tons of different products to suit any skin needs.  I’ve been using a few of their products for years now but my personal favorite is their Clear Daily Skin Clearing Treatment. Usually this will clear up any spots I get on my face within a few days. It also somehow moisturizes your skin when you put it on, which makes covering them up easier.



When it comes to my shag, I am pretty serious and specific about how it’s done. I got turned onto R+Co from modeling for them; and honestly now I am completely hooked. I start with the Dallas volumizer shampoo and conditioner in the shower (I have thin hair but a lot of it so this gets me set up right). I then spray the Dallas spray just as my hair is half way dry, shake it out and go about my day. By the way, best dry shampoo in the biz is theirs too.



I keep things pretty simple when it comes to my daily face; as close to natural as possible. I am a sucker for a classic 60s look and draw a lot of my inspiration from Francoise Hardy and Anita Pallenberg. My daily face is usually just NARS concealer in Chantilly and YSL’s volumizing mascara. The concealer is insanely good and so easy to use for coverage. I always try to take really good care of my lips and Smith’s Rosebud Salve is the perfect fix for dryness. If I am going out, I will put on either a strong winged eyeliner or a red lip (and apparently I’m hooked on YSL for these too). I usually pick one or the other, not really a full face glam kind of gal.



So I think we can all agree that giving up your “scent” is something that we all avoid. You wanna keep it special, and personal to you. But I wanted to share one of my favorite day smells with you because honestly I’m so sick of smelling the same 8 out there. NOTO Botanics makes the most incredible all natural unisex products.. and their rooted oil is one of my favorite scents ever. My goal is to always smell sort of masculine and also sort of like a sweaty summer night; so NOTO’s smokey Palo Santo smell is perfect.



Won’t lie, used to be a complete nail biter, but recently a friend of mine from Orly turned me on to their products and I am instantly hooked. This is my new favorite color of theirs, and it’s kept me from returning to bad habits.