You know what we love?

The unexpected. A girl who balances a (part-time) Pescetarian diet with “a burger with grilled onions and BBQ sauce”, a designer for Alexander Wang who confesses to “owning lots of heels, only wearing sneakers”, a Parisian whose approach to fashion week beauty is “don’t brush your hair for the whole week”.

So while we’re guilty as charged of playing it safe 90% of the time, we’re all about maintaining a bit of spontaneity in every aspect of our lives – including our wardrobes (Adidas slides to the office, anyone?) and our beauty regimes (blue eyeliner is the new black, FYI).

So in the nail department, we’ve been branching-out from our default options of black, white and nude into the realm of metallics and glitter.

It’s a little bit fun, and a little bit rebellious (at the office anyway), and on a Monday morning it serves as a glimmer of hope for the weekend while you tap away at your keyboard (i.e. ‘there’s a party on my fingernails, and only Jared Leto is invited’).

Click through to see the six that made the cut.

By Carmen Hamilton.