We know what’s good for us, but that doesn’t always mean we do it – like opting for almond milk (or skipping coffee altogether), shots of wheatgrass instead of Tequila and pre-bed deep sleep meditation instead of stalking your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s Instagram. Yeah, we feel your pain, and we know that an increasingly busy lifestyle make it increasingly difficult to actually switch-off once your head hits the pillow.

Anyway sleep is for the weak, right? At least when fashion week’s in full swing and after parties are a plenty.

But numbers talk, and the numbers say it’s time to get serious about sleep.

Why should you care? Because statistics have shown that less sleep actually = less sex, which = more arguments. Less sleep (and sex!) can also = unhappiness, premature ageing, weight gain… pretty much everything you don’t want (turns out Sofia Karvela was onto something).

So with this in mind, we’ve been testing-out the power of aromatherapy oils for some solid ZZZZZ’s.

No, spraying lavender on your bed linen isn’t the herbal answer to Xanex, but a few deep sniffs of a good sleep oil will calm your mind and completely relax your body (no prescription required).

These are the ones that are worth your while.

By Carmen Hamilton.