My name is Siwar, I am a Gemini, and I come from Tunisia, a small North African country on the Mediterranean coast that extends southward to the Sahara desert. When I was 19 I moved to Switzerland to study Pharmaceutical Sciences. I immediately fell in love with the country and I consider it to be my second home, despite going through a lot of difficulties with my studies. A very bumpy road, more downs than ups, but I’m still determined to go all the way and finish what I started.

In addition to being very passionate about natural sciences, biology, physics, mathematics…you name it, I also have a big affinity for fashion that got bigger after I met my boyfriend who has a very successful career in the industry. He has such a huge impact on my life and inspires me everyday which makes me feel very lucky <3. As for my skin, I feel very lucky as well as it has always been clear and a healthy. I can’t say the same about my dark circles under my eyes…they are always here. And NO, not because I’m lacking sleep, or feeling tired, or because I need more vitamin K or vitamin B12…they are simply the product of a ‘wonderful’ thing called ~genetics~. I just have to live with it.

Olive Oil

I learned from my mother to use olive oil on my face, body, and hair. So once a week, when I have enough time, I start by rubbing it generously into my scalp and massage it, I then put it all over my hair, face, and body, literally everywhere, and yes I make a big mess. I keep it on for at least an hour or so while I read a book, prepare some food, or do some cleaning. After showering my skin feels very glowy and soft, and my hair super shiny and  smooth.


Clarins Serum And Dior Lotion

I really love the double serum from Clarins, but the Dior Capture Totale Cellular Lotion is my all time favourite. Applying it feels like pouring roses into your face. Its very light and nourishing and I love the plumping effect and how it makes my skin glow. A bit expensive maybe but it lasts for so long so it is totally worth it.


Biotherm BB Cream

This BB cream is perfect for daily use. I have the medium-gold shade and it has a very light texture that gives my skin a very healthy looking glow.



I ADORE this Christian Dior Addict Lip Color Revival Balm! Its very Moisturizing and has a very nice vanilla scent. It is shiny but not overly glossy and turns into a natural pink color when it dries. It is also a bit plumping and makes my lips look juicy.


Giorgio Armani Foundation

When I go out at night, I like to use this Armani  foundation. It has a great semi matte, luminous finish. I can’t stand anything thick on my face so this works perfectly. I mix two different shades to have a color that fits my natural skin tone!



Certain odours transport me back in time, like the smell of a fig. It’s so nostalgic and heartwarming. When I was a kid, my cousins and I used to climb up the big fig tree they had in their backyard, eat its sweet ripe fruits and hide in its shadows from the burning mediterranean sun on hot summer days. Thank you A.P.C for the trip.