Not that this is a revelation, like, at all, but we have to admit we’ve got a mild obsession with snooping on the beauty routines of other women. Why? Because we’re fascinated. Fascinated by the products she’s using, the brands she chooses and how she manages to look so darn good

And we basically get paid to do what every girl secretly does when she makes a B-Line for the bathroom at a gal pal’s house; steal a look at what’s in the bathroom cabinet.

The good news is we’re not alone. A quick straw poll amongst friends reveals most of us are total freaks in the sneak department. And it’s not always a quick peek either; we’ve been guilty of opening lids, sniffing lotions, digging into the back section and occasionally even opening drawers.

Don’t judge. We’ve all been there.

So when we got the opportunity to follow PR consultant and all round babe Aimee Bayliss on her morning routine (without the guilt) we jumped at the chance.

So here she is, talking about the things she swears by, and how she achieves perfect skin with one product. True story.

Shop the products Aimee swears by:

#1 Tip: Silk Eye Mask

#2 Tip: Mecca Cosmetica In A Great Light Compact SPF 30+

#3 Tip: Skin Tea

Style note. Get Aimee’s PJ’s here.