For years we’ve been told to stop washing our hair so often and look, we get it, we really do; it strips the scalp of its natural oils, gives the hair a flat matte look, and leads to a perpetual day 2 oil slick that quite frankly sucks.

But here’s the thing, not washing your hair is actually not that easy. We enjoy it. We enjoy that relaxing, zoned-out vibe that warms running water through your hair brings and the look of just washed, dried naturally hair with a bit of texturizing spray. Wash and go, that kind of vibe.

Add to that  avoiding getting your hair wet can be somewhat tricky, and especially if said shower involves shaving legs #disaster. And even when you’ve somehow managed to keep it dry, all the steam and heat conspires against you which equals frizz and average looking hair. Not ideal.

The solution? Shower caps. But don’t roll your eyes just yet. These are not the kind of shower caps you abandoned years ago; The kind you find tucked under the sink at your granny house or the kind you steal from hotel bathrooms.

Think high performance, waterproof materials (not plastic), comfortable, anti forehead crease designs, and flattering fits that will actually protect your hair and blow dry. Game. Changer.

So we’ve gone and rounded up our top 4 caps that are sophisticated, comfortable and will protect your blow drys, extend the life of your wash and basically make you feel like a chic MoFo in the shower.

We’ve been using our turban inspired cap for the past month and we’re now down to washing every 3-4 days, and combined with a bit of dry shampoo, we’re on our way to healthier, better hair.