In the name of road-testing a plethora of beauty products so you don’t have to, I’ve put a lot of shit on my skin that probably doesn’t belong there. If I didn’t intermittently counterbalance this with a strict, simplified skincare regime, my skin would be never not be as psycho, sensitive, and tetchy as I am on the second day of my period (very). It turns out I’m not alone: DYK that up to 50% of Australian women identify as having sensitive skin to varying degrees? All across Australia, women’s faces are flaring up, thanks to environmental factors, their lifestyle choices, and the fact they put shit on their skin that probably doesn’t belong there.

We dug back into our PROFILE section to see what our favourite sensitive-skinned gals were doing to keep redness, dryness, and peeling at bay. Over to you, ladies.

Poppy Lissiman, Designer

“My morning and evening routines are pretty similar. I have quite sensitive skin, so I stick to very basic (dermatologist-recommended) brands, like Cetaphil and pHisohex, when washing my face morning and evening. I moisturise my face only when it’s dry, as I also use a prescription retinoid cream in localised areas where I’m breakout-prone.”


Cheyenne Tozzi, Model, Presenter & Musician

“When I’m travelling, my skin can become very sensitive and dehydrated… I like to use coconut oil as a really intense moisturising treatment all over my body and through my hair.”


Nadia Rosa, Co-Founder, Maison D'Amore & Director, Co.Creative Agency

“I had never used a toner and didn’t have a good cleanser until my beautician at Assure Cosmetics got me onto SkinCeuticals. I have very dry, sensitive skin, and have always reacted to products. Their toner and cleanser are calming and gentle on my skin. Their sunscreen is incredible… I have always found I react to sunscreen and break out. This doesn’t leave me feeling oily at all, so I wear it every day underneath my moisturiser.”


Veronika Heilbrunner, Co-Founder, Hey Woman!

“My skin around the eye is extremely sensitive, so I use a Dr. Hauschka Balm in the evening, and Aesop’s Parsley Seed serum in the mornings. When my skin is irritated, I use a light Zelens foundation… it gives a great tint, without looking like [I’m] wearing makeup.”


Hannah Henderson, Owner & Manager, General Store

“I use the Avène Tolérance Extrême moisturiser. I love their products… I have very sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts, and they are the most gentle and effective things I’ve ever used.”


Words, Madeleine Woon.