When the time comes to bust out the bikini, we’re all a little apprehensive.

It doesn’t matter whether the past month has involved nothing but green juices and back-to-back Xtend Barre classes, or disguising winter’s bad habits in black skinnies and oversized knits – getting prepped to bare all in the best way possible takes work.

We’re not here to harp-on about clean living and exercise, though, because quite frankly, we’re still feeling a little guilty post-Christmas.

Instead, we’re going for the easy way out. The quick fix – one that makes the most of what you’ve got instantly.

When it comes to the skin on your body, a little bit of extra TLC goes a long way. A good old buff works wonders. We’re talking smooth shiny pins, glowing skin and not a scaly elbow in sight.

Ready to get your bikini game on? Read on.

By Carmen Hamilton.