The Sex And The City jingle is my safe place. The opening tune has soundtracked many phases of my life, ever since I snuck downstairs of a night to watch the show on the family telly at the entirely inappropriate age of seven. Nothing provides me with as much comfort as getting doona-deep with a bag of Doritos precariously balanced on my chest and putting in some quality catch up time with the gals.

Sure, as I’ve grown up, the show’s shortcomings have started to become more apparent. Along with the rest of the Internet, I’ve come to realise that Miranda is in fact the best, most #relatable character in the series—gone are the days when “You’re such a Miranda!” was the most brutal, valuable payout in a woman’s arsenal. The lack of diversity, flecks of slut shaming, and questionable life lessons Carrie intermittently imparted on viewers (Vogue instead of dinner? *Eye roll*) also renders it pretty outdated in a 2017 context. The outfits, however, will hold a spot in my heart, and in the thread of our cultural fabric, forever.

Much like the enduring relevance of the character’s outfits (shout-out to Patricia Field, the genius responsible for every lit costume throughout the show), the four girls knew how to work a timeless bewty/hair lük. Below we give to you some of our favourites, to be used the next time you can’t help but wonder what vibe should take place atop your shoulders this TGIF…

The Beret

Carrie may have denounced one of our favourite hair accessories of the moment, the scrunchie, but we’re willing to forgive her, because she recognises the plethora of benefits that a beret yields.

When to wear it: When you’re feeling drab or fab, or when you want to match your McDonald’s French fries with a très chic French accessory.


Two Buns!

A personal favourite of mine in primary school, the double bun made its way onto Charlotte’s head at the tail end of Season 6, and the results are very pleasing to the eyeball.

When to wear it: When you’re feeling sassy AF, a bit cute, or need a hairstyle for the beach that will not only keep your hair out of your eyes, but also make your freshly acquired parrot bikini POP!


Fancy Brooches

Not sure about you, but my lapels are feeling incredibly naked after spotting this lewk on Samantha.

When to wear it: Whenever you feel like you need a point of difference, be that in an interview, on a Tinder date, or when getting your third coffee for the day.


Dewy, Dewy Skin

This was around the time that Carrie’s hair reached its absolute peak. The DGAF, free-flowing hair in tandem with fresh, glowing skin is the stuff my beauty dreams are made of.

When to wear it: All the time, ideally. See here for pointers on how to get there.


Dramatic Hats

Is it just me, or does it seem like a wasted opportunity that Samantha’s hat doesn’t double as a chip platter à la Homer Simpson at the football game? Either way, nothing is as sexy as providing your whole body with shade.

When to wear it: When sipping cocktails next to a pool somewhere with your best girlfriends.


Gross (But Cute) Plaits

Much like the appeal of lip gloss and butterfly clips, sometimes adding the slightest twinge of infantilism to an outfit by way of a gross plait can really elevate one’s mood. The (slut?) strand is the pinnacle of tacky but great.

When to wear it: Bellini brunch with the girls.


J'adore Dior

Needs no introduction, IMO.

When to wear it: Every damn day, because you are the star of your own movie—and don’t you ever forget that.


Thin Brows

I’ve been clocking the return of the thin eyebrow for some time now (more on that later), and Charlotte is really testing my self restraint when it comes to decreasing my eyebrows’ girth by half. What do I do?

When to wear it: I can’t be responsible for giving this kind of advice seeing as nearly everyone’s beauty regret from the past decade is over-plucking their eyebrows. Enter at your own risque.


Big Hoops

Everyone knows that the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hero. By that virtue, these girls were p. much the superheros of the accessorising game.

When to wear it: On the DF, with your hair slicked back into the highest ponytail a hair band will allow.


Short Hair

Miranda is THE pinup gal for short hair. Bonus points for the tupperware container she’s carrying, which most likely contains her packed lunch, begging the question: Why did we ever not want to be Miranda?

When to wear it: I just re-watched Mustang and am yearning for butt-grazing hair, so am in two minds about recommending you cut off all of yours. One mind says “Liberate yourself with hair that barely touches your brooch-decorated lapels,” while the other says “Step the fuck away from the scissors.” If this were SATC, and, like Carrie, I was employed to write an advice column (and this here was that column), I’d probably be fired for reasons of confusing/inconclusive counsel. My apologies!



Time to redeem myself, people! Tell your grandma to watch her back, ‘cause pearls are back in fash, and since she’s the only one you know who wears pearls, you’re coming for hers.

When to wear it: Lunch with your in-laws, or on the way back to your grandma’s house to return her property.


The Scarf

If you’re wearing your scarf in a conventional way, you’re not doing it right.

When to wear it: More like “Where to wear it,” amirite?


Words, Madeleine Woon.