As you’ve probably figured out by now, we get pretty pumped about witnessing just about anyone’s beauty routine. And for the most part the quicker, the better. Learning tips on the fly is what we do best. Winged eyeliner in the back of a taxi? Check (thanks, Chelsea Leyland), how-to tongue scrape in 20 seconds or less (thanks, Yasmin Sewell), the list goes on. And on. And we love it.

And what we’ve come to realise is that for the most part, models have the best damn tips around. What to do, where to go, who to see, they’ve got it nailed. You don’t spend that many hours waiting around backstage and learn nothing, you hear what we’re saying?

This is why we jumped at the chance to spy on Sam Romberger’s brow appointment between castings at NYFW. And even though it was a balmy day (err, minus 20 degrees), we were only a double shot macchiato and an uber ride away, so we jumped right in.

Because let’s face it: a good set of eyebrows changes things. If you’ve never googled ‘before and after photos that prove good eyebrows can change your entire face’, well, get on it, because it’s fact.

And man, did we hit the jackpot. Thankfully Sam’s appointment was with MAC Pro senior artist Gisel Calbillo, the eyebrow girl to know. Her top tip? “Don’t be too precious. It’s all about creating quick, short strokes in the direction of the hair to achieve the most natural look.”

And we filmed the entire thing for all of you to see. You can shop Sam’s brow look below, or see more brow how-to’s here.