Let’s be real – hair perfume hasn’t exactly been high on our to do list, but this one by Sachajuan definitely has us rethinking our priorities.

You know that sweet feeling of satisfaction you get when someone complements your shampoo and conditioner after catching a whiff when you (casually, but at the same time completely purposefully) whip your hair back ‘n forth after a fresh to death blow dry? Sachajuan has captured that moment and bottled it up into a sweet-smelling scented mist that’s like… well, heaven.

But let’s not get caught up on the small stuff because this product can do a lot more than disguise seven-day-old unwashed hair – it also moisturises, smoothes-out static, ups the shine factor and acts as a buffer to UV rays.

We’d classify it as a ‘need’, not a ‘want’, and we think you’ll agree.

Read on to find out why…

By Carmen Hamilton.