When it comes to hair I generally embrace a less is more philosophy: my presence graces a hairdresser on average two times a year, twice for a cut and once for a refresh of balayage. I have to confess I’m the kind of woman that hoards dry shampoo and steers clear from anything that needs to be plugged into a power socket. However, it recently dawned on me that I have long harboured a particular fondness for the humble hair clip and have over the years managed to acquire a plethora of candy-coloured charms in a myriad of whimsical shapes and sizes. This hair candy can now be found scattered across my apartment and can be seen adorning my locks on the reg.

It appears I am not alone in my infatuation with these dainty hair delicacies which have now reached a somewhat cult status, seen on every ‘it girl’ and bringing about a sense of childlike joy with their understated allure. From personal experience, this small yet poignant accessory instantly elevates any bad or dull hair day. I mean, it shouldn’t make you look more elegant, but it does, in that oh-so-desirable tousled, undone way the French do so well.

I believe it was the (arguably life-changing) discovery of Margot Tenenbaum that first sparked the true beginnings of my love affair with hair clips and this liaison was later reignited after a short stint last year in Denmark’s capital – which has become synonymous with the hair trend. Copenhagen is now unsurprisingly one of the best places to treasure hunt, with Kanel, Seoul Import and Nué being among some of my favourite haunts.

Effortlessly adding an element of intrigue and charm to any outfit, the hair clip is and forever will be my (now not-so) secret beauty weapon.

Words, Alice Betts.