In this week’s THE EDIT, we bring you Robyn Catinella’s most revered selection of beauty and skincare products. In ~classic us~ style, we’ve once again strayed from our original promise of keeping things short ‘n’ sweet, but you’ll forgive us once you see the very desirable products that this talented lady is rolling with. Take it away, Robyn!

“My job takes me to a lot of wonderful places on a frequent basis. I spend a lot of time on planes, travelling predominantly between Sydney, Paris, and New York, so my skin takes a bit of a battering from time to time. Couple that with the fact that when I’m in Sydney I love being outside and on the beach, so I need my beauty products to work all year round to give me protection and prevention. I work with some über creative and talented individuals, and tend to collect pieces that come well recommended by word of mouth, or that I test and try out when abroad. I’ve collated a list of loyal beauty products that I find work hard and make my skin feel divine, even when I’m 33,000 feet up in the air.”

Le Labo Rose 31 Perfume


“The Le Labo Rose 31 Perfume is my signature scent, and it goes with me wherever my travels take me. I love that it’s so distinct, but not overly powerful. It’s floral with a masculine undertone. I always notice beautiful packaging, and I love that each bottle is personalised, and created specifically for the wearer.

The accompanying detergent has the same smell as the perfume. I carry the Rose 31 Detergent with me when I travel, which keeps my cashmeres and silks smelling divine, and soft to touch.”


Oribe Root Touch Up Spray, Dark


“I swear by Oribe – their products have the ability to tame my hair and make it look salon-ready when I am time-poor. They smell divine, and the ombre hair tint spray is a game-changer and has been life-altering! The root spray is great for reviving highlights, and the UV absorber is a much-needed bonus, protecting my hair from the strong Australian sun.”


David Mallett Spray No.2 Le Volume


“I look after my hair, and I find that David Mallett products are some of the best. The Spray No.2 Le Volume is super light, and restores shine. I colour my hair, so it’s important that between colours I look after it and ensure it maintains a glossy and weightless look. The spray is rich in vitamins, and also helps to strengthen my hair, leaving it looking healthy and shiny. 

As well, when I’m travelling, my days tend to be booked from sunrise to well past midnight. Fashion Month is exhilarating but jam-packed, so I rely on any ‘cheats’ that can help save me time. Ouai Dry Shampoo is one of them. I apply it to my roots, and the product removes impurities and absorbs any oil. I also find it great for detangling hair and creating a glossier, more voluminous finish. The Oribe Wave and Shine Spray is another time-saving cheat product. It’s great for putting a bit of life into limp hair, and for volumising it.” 


Caudalie Glycolic Peel Mask


“I find the Caudalie Glycol Peel Mask to be one of the most effective on the market, and it’s very affordably priced. It is beyond amazing at toning and hydrating the skin, and leaves me with a luminous complexion, which is great for giving me that much needed lift and glow.”


Caudalie Beauty Elixir


“This beauty elixir is my absolute go-to. It’s perfect for providing that much-needed lift on a long flight, or a day filled with back-to-back meetings. The mist was inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary’s well renowned ‘elixir of youth’. It tightens the pores, helps set make-up, and I find it great as a priming base when I need my make up to last me long into the night. I replenish it on every trip to Paris — it is a must in my beauty cabinet, and my one product I use every day. I now have all of my staff addicted.”


Kate Somerville Demal Quench Wrinkle Liquid Lift


“This liquid treatment is great for hydrating the skin, and adding suppleness and support. It plumps my skin, and is great for combating dryness. It’s the perfect ‘facial in a bottle’, and can also be used over make-up for that perfect firming, dewy finish.”


Santa Maria Novella Hand Cream


“My hands get very dry, particularly on flights, and I find the Santa Marie Novella hand cream is the only product that keeps them soft without being too oily. It’s super absorbent, and the packaging is divine. The brand was founded in Florence in the c13th, by Dominican monks, and I love that they still use some of the same formula.”


RMS Un-cover Up


“Perfectly sized and easy to fit into your make-up bag, it is great for camouflaging any imperfections. I also sometimes dab a small amount under my eyes to give them lift. It is coconut oil-based and gives a light, dewy finish, rather than that heavy powdery look some concealers have, and it’s so great for the skin.”