It recently came to our attention that Dom, a talented contributor of ours, listens to podcasts from the moment she wakes up to the moment her head hits the pillow at night. No word of a lie. Who told us? Never you mind  we all have our sources. Crime is her true audio passion, but she’s not afraid to dabble in other genres. We asked her to give us her top five podcasts, before grabbing a pot of Le Vernis and going to town on our talons. It’s advised you do the same… 

I’ve become that friend. The one who, given half a chance, will launch into an excruciatingly detailed summary of why you have to start listening to podcasts. I simply cannot help myself  I am a Stage 10 clinger when it comes to podcasts. When people are brave enough to ask me for podcast recommendations, knowing full well the spiel I’ll embark on, my heart beats a little faster. I can barely wait for them to finish their sentence before I ecstatically screech out my top ten. Podcasts are a pop culture mainstay for a reason, and you can bet I’m listening from dawn to sundown.

Why do I worship at the altar of podcasts? Simply put, I passionately believe they are a positive activity. They help fill empty time with the intensely interesting life stories of others, comedy so hilarious *I’m screaming*, and more information than my brain knows what to do with. I. Love. Them.

While I preach productivity, in reality most of my down time is spent sitting around, face mask on, painting my nails. And, having recently moved to London where having your talons lacquered with Shellac means taking out a mortgage and forgoing food for the next week, I now stand in solidarity with my bank account and choose to paint my nails at home. But what kind of monster is able to sit patiently and wait for their varnish to dry at home in order to avoid looking like a Jackson Pollock painting? Not this millennial. Chuck one of these podcasts on, and it’s guaranteed that everyone you meet will be asking where you got your nails done.

My Favorite Murder

Ever been that girl at a party who brings up Ivan Milat as a fun topic of conversation? Asking for a friend. If yes, you’ll like this one. Brought to you by two Californian comedians and strong independent women to boot, My Favorite Murder is a twisted yet perfect coupling of murder and LOLs. Each week, Karen and Georgia chat through the true crimes that have particularly rocked them, making you feel like you’re part of the best true crime-loving girl gang ever while they’re at it.


The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist is an honest, no-limits look at how we’re all sisters in arms, but we sometimes indulge in a ‘Wild Thoughts’ music video binge and feel like we should be better feminists afterwards. Comedian and all-round LOL-a-minute Deborah Frances White is joined each week by guests to discuss everything from male privilege to makeup to the challenges of hair removal (preach). Come for the pep talk, stay for the zingy one-liners.


All In The Mind

I could listen (and have listened) to hours upon hours of stories about our wonderful brains, whacky behaviour, and the potential of the human mind  and that’s exactly what this podcast gives you. All In The Mind is beyond fascinating, covering topics such as how to renegotiate your relationship with your smartphone, and why certain people believe in conspiracy theories. At the end of each podcast, I often find myself staring wide-eyed in a silent room while I shake off the shookness of what I have just heard. This one is for the deep thinkers and the not-so-closet weirdos who always need to know more.


Modern Love

As a single gal living in a big city, I need all the help I can get navigating the battlefield that is modern love. Modern Love covers romantic love, friendship, parental love, and everything in between. There is something unique about listening to people of note reading out refreshingly real and honest tales of what it is like to love today. Short and snackable, once you lift the lid on this illuminating series, you won’t be able to stop.


Desert Island Discs

Have you ever wondered what music Tennessee Williams or Keith Richards would take with them to a desert island? Desert Island Discs is the OG podcast. Notable guests choose eight tracks, a book, and a luxury item to take with them to a desert island, candidly revealing the music that has sound-tracked their life and letting listeners in on a biography that very few would otherwise hear. The best bit? It’s been running since 1942, so you best get started on the back catalogue.


Words, Domonique Chevalley.