Here at THE FILE, we’ve had the incredible privilege of chatting to a huge number of insanely empowering women across a vast spectrum of creative disciplines. Aside from imparting crucial life advice, exercise reccos, style cues, and skincare tips, a huge chunk of our beauty product recommendations come from the confines of our PROFILE section. That’s why our hair is so big – it’s full of secrets.

If, like us, your brain is the organ equivalent of a Chrome window with fifty different tabs open, you’ll find that a lot of these tips get lost along the way. Personally, we like to scribble our inspiration down on everything – old receipts, post-it notes, iPhone notes, the backs of coffee cups, and sometimes even on the office walls. You name it, we’ve scrawled on it.

Some of those tips have stood the test of time, but you can bet your bottom dollar there have been a few that have been lost in the black recesses of our minds. In the name of efficacy – and to prepare you for a ~haute~ weekend out on the town – we decided to trawl back through the PROFILE archives to bring you the quick, fail-safe ~going out~ beauty routines of five of our favourite women. Your faces can thank us later! Maybe over an Aperol Spritz come #TGIF? Here goes!

Danielle Van Camp, Stylist

“A touch of Dior black eyeliner and/or Dior mascara, and a little MAC Matchmaster Concealer on blemishes, sometimes mixed with the Dior Flash Luminizer. Sometimes a bit of bronzer (Chanel or MAC). I love just a touch of Lucas’ Papaw Ointment on the tops of my cheekbones for a little shine. I like to think it makes me seem ‘glowing’, even when I’m feeling far from it. Clinique’s Chubby Stick in Ample Amber on my eyelids in the evening. Sometimes lipstick, but it’s such high maintenance and it always comes unstuck when I eat! In general, I’m pretty low-key, and by the end of the day my skin seems to have ‘absorbed’ any sign of make-up… and that’s okay by me.”


TyLynn Nguyen, Designer

“I use Dior’s Star Foundation in 040, a little Nars bronzer in Laguna, Hourglass eyebrow pencil in Dark Brunette, my Utowa eyelash curler, and an occasional Ruby Woo MAC red lip, or a colored Glossier lip stain. I’m not too fussy with my make-up. Easy does it for me.”


Veronika Heilbrunner, Co-Founder, Hey Woman!

“When my skin is irritated, I use Zelens’ light foundation. It gives a great tint without looking like you’re wearing make-up. I use a MAC black kohl for the inside of the eye for a cool ’90s look. I like it to look a little smudgy. I think with defined brows you don’t need much more. I never colour my lips, I always concentrate on the brows and just sometimes darken my eyes when the clothes are simple.”


Laura Brown, Editor-In-Chief, InStyle Magazine

“[My going out make-up routine] is pretty straight forward – a bronzy pot eyeshadow and a little eyeliner. Lips just a neutral pink – I love Tom Ford’s Pink Dusk, Charlotte Tilbury’s Bitch Perfect, or Lipstick Queen’s Honest Politician (which is a weird name, but blimey, it’s pretty).”


Anine Bing, Designer

“I never need more than five minutes to get ready, unless I do my hair. If I were to only use three products, I would choose tinted moisturiser – I love the Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer because it gives the perfect glow to my skin. Stila cream blush for my cheeks and lips, and a little bit of mascara. The Cle De Peau concealer… is the best [concealer] on the market, and I’ve been using it for 10 years.”


Words, Madeleine Woon.