You know that thing when you wake up in the morning and by some miracle, you have the kind of bed hair that dreams are made of? We call it sex hair because that’s exactly what it is. Caroline de Maigret meets Patti Smith. All you need is a quick run through with your fingers and you’re good to go.

Our definition of a nightmare is squeaky clean, glossy, blow waved hair. Someone pass us a bucket. Give us dirty hair and a bottle of dry shampoo any day. At least then the hair got grit, texture, care factor 0 vibes.

So when we hear about a product that gives us all these things, we stand up. And we listen.  Excuse us while we plug yet another product, but you know we only plug the best: the Oribe Dry Texturising spray. That’s right, a dry shampoo and texturising spray in one.

There are hundreds of dry shampoos and texturising products on the market, we’ve tried most of them. They’re all different. This one is like the perfect blend of both. It’s not like a traditional dry shampoo that you would spray all in close to your roots – it’s better to use it to spray the ends, and underneath the top layer of the hair to give you this gritty matte look with a bit of volume.

Oribe is kind of a best-kept industry secret. Basically, it’s the make-up artists equivalent of spanx. It also gives you the kind of hold that gives you a little resistence when you run your fingers through it whilst not turning your hair into straw icicles.

So go get your sex hair. You won’t regret it. Get it here.