We’re not usually huge fans of colour on the lip, but we’re huge fans of anything Français, so when French designer Guillaume Henry described his Nina Ricci Spring/Summer 2016 girl, “I’d love men to fall in love with her,” we were intrigued.

The make-up artist for the show, Aaron de Mey, called it “Coca-Cola red” – as in the colour of the can – and it was a perfect description. But when he referenced “Romy Schneider, the morning after—she’s put on sunglasses and a red lip and gone out on the street again,”  we were sold.

The rich, bright red has definite orange undertones and has a kind of glossy, celluloid finish which de Mey described as “car paint.” So guys, this is not the kind of look you’re going to wear with an evening gown or an all-black nighttime look – we’re not aspiring to #OTT. This is about French girl chic. Wear it with a white tee and a ripped denim skirt and you’re done.

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