When it comes to what we wear, what we eat, where we drink and the products we use, we take our cues from those in the know.

And by that we mean all-round babes like Jess Hart, Phoebe Tonkin and Suki Waterhouse. These girls know what’s up.

They always look good. So, naturally, we wanted the inside scoop on the products they use, and when we got it, we were quite surprised by what we found.

The thing is, when we rummage through the beauty cabinets of models, editors, designers and the like, there’s a couple of usual suspects that show up on the reg. But lately we’ve noticed some strangers in the mix – new brands we’ve never heard of, and yet they’ve made their way into the bathrooms and beauty bags of the industry’s finest. How did we not know about this? Insider secrets? We think so. But not anymore.

We got the low-down on the new skincare brands all the cool kids are using so you can get involved. Trust us, these four are worth looking into.

By Carmen Hamilton.