This week’s THE EDIT comes to you live and direct from Sydney-based artist, beauty kween and maker of the best clipsNatalie Synnott. The stunna knows a thing or two about being kind to your skin and tjuzing up your natural beauty with lush products, hence why we begged her to give us the lowdown on all her ~can’t live without~ products. These are her stories…

“The only thing I like to keep understated/simple/***chic*** in my life is my beauty routine, which literally consists of QV face wash + rosehip oil and Dr Lewinns firming eye cream. Not only because of a) financial reasons but also b) I have found with my face the less I do to it the less hell it unleashes into my life. From about age 12 my skin started breaking out and up until about a year ago, acne and cystic acne was a constant that no amount of aesop or money could be thrown at to fix (I have tried about every cream/ face mask/ lazer treatment under the sun). When it would finally dissipate I would be left with a snail trail of scars and redness that only an opaque layer of concealer/foundation/powder foundation could hide for a maximum of 40 minutes at a time.

Though controversial, the one thing that changed my skin was forgoing my 8-9 year vegetarian diet; I like to call this my ‘meat glow’. This may have something to do with ditching soy products but I do like to feel slightly less guilty every time I enjoy chicken.”

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine


“I graciously accepted the invitation to a YSL party last year — I think it was for a new perfume or something — and as people were talking and dancing I was in the shadows stuffing the content of 8 ‘goodie bags’ into my regular bag. I feel very lucky to have found my OG lipstick in such a situation (unfortunately I only obtained one of the coral colour I love). This lipstick/lipgloss hybrid has the semi-transparent finish of a stain, and can double as an eyeshadow/blush.”


Klara Liquid Eyeliner


“After years of only buying Elizabeth Arden liquid eyeliner I came across this because I’m now saving for travelling and can no longer justify a $40 pen of any kind. However, I can say hands down this is the best eyeliner I have used. The ratio of drawing a line to rubbing out the line is approximately 7-1, actually find it more difficult to get it wrong as the amount of product that comes out on the brush and the actual shape of the brush is *perf*.”


Mirenesse Crystal Glow Hydrating Powder


“I’m not sure what this is made of — perhaps the dried, powdered form of baby tears — but the fact that it’s discontinued is probably one of the top ten worst things that has happened to me in the last 3 years. I will forgive Mirenesse for spamming me 45 emails a day because not only is this SPF 15 but it has hidden the damage of art benders and acne scarring while faking a ‘natural glow’ (my favourite beauty buzzwords).”


MECCA Enlightened Illuminating Balm


“Like a crow, anything shiny or glossy is something that I simply must have. However I have found that it’s quite tricky to find a highlighter that doesn’t give you that ‘Instagram beauty blogger’ disco ball sheen. Not only is this highlighter a ~nice price~ but isn’t glittery and glides on like a well-lit dream.”


Vitafive CPR Hairbooster


“I did that on-trend thing 1.5 years ago where I bleached my entire head of hair, and while looking more like Blondie than the usual Hilary Clinton comparison I get was refreshing, my once lustrous mane transformed into that of a Barbie Imitation doll’s. I have found my locks bouncing back recently after a very rigid routine of slathering this into my damp hair and dry hair. I took a selfie the other day and the gloss light bouncing off my hair was the ultimate #tbt to better hair days.”