We’ll let you in on a little secret; Caroline de Maigret doesn’t spend hours on her hair every morning. And if her book ‘How to be a Parisian’ is anything to go by, we’re questioning whether she’d even own a hair dryer.

With advice like ‘cancel your gym session to have a drink with a friend who’s just been dumped’, it comes as no surprise that her hair tips are in the same vein: ‘sleep with a braid so everyone thinks you had sex all night’ and ‘falling asleep with damp hair will give it a more interesting shape when you wake up’. And as for fashion week? ‘Don’t brush your hair for the whole week’.

Amen. We love you Caroline.

So to save the world, one too-clean-and-fluffy hairstyle at a time, we put Ms Maigret’s tips to the test.

Turns out she knows a thing or two about getting some (texture, we mean).

Here’s how to do it (no curling tong required).

By Carmen Hamilton.