Sometimes you just need a quick fix. Clicking “buy now” on those Givenchy mink fur leather slides without thinking twice, saying yes to that 3pm coffee, or buying three Reformation dresses just because. It feels gooood, you know?

And look, we know good things come to those who wait…. but sometimes we just need a little bit of instant gratification to keep us going, especially in the skin department.

And there’s nothing that can deliver that instant hit like a hydrating sheet mask. Put it on, let it do its thing and you just glow, you know? 15-20 minutes is all it takes and bonus points, you get to fall down a guilt free Instagram rabbit hole.

And the good news is, the sheet masks we’ve rounded up for you today don’t need to be washed off. Just massage in, and you’re good to go, no extra steps necessary (in other words, no need to drag your butt out of bed to wash your face).

So, here’s our tried and tested. We’ve rounded up the ones that actually deliver on their promises, and work their magic quick so you can enjoy the benefits now (and the consequence of that extra glass of wine later).


Hydrating Face Mask


Containing a seriously generous amount of serum, this mask feels immediately cool and soothing on the skin, with plenty of product left over at the end, so you can give yourself a nice facial massage to finish things off. This is a great quick fix if you’ve got somewhere to be and need to sort our dry, flakey skin stat.


Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Power Foil Mask

Estee Lauder

If you’re a fan of the original (because come on, who isn’t?) then you’re going to love this. This two part mask actually fits your face, so it feels somewhat less….awkward. Fragrance-free and full of all the good stuff (hello, plant-based antioxidants) that leave you all glowy and plump. Bonus points for the metallic mask – loads of scientific benefits that we won’t go into. Just know this works.


Deep Hydration Mask


This is a great clear, jelly-like mask, that is deeply hydrating and works to attract and retain moisture to the skin = instant plumpness.  As an added bonus, this guy also includes Verso’s magic Retinol 8, to give an added anti-aging boost that’s perfect for every skin type.



Extreme Hydration Bio Cellulose Mask

For Beloved One

Founded by a Taiwanese beauty editor (so you know it’s legit), this mask is made of Bio-cellulose, which is basically a super fancy, naturally derived fibre (and also a totally pioneering invention). We first read about this when we heard it had gained the praise of cosmetic surgeons and received endorsements from doctors around the world for its ultra moisturising skin benefits.  After using this mask once, we were sold – the skin was dewy, plump, glowing like we had been on a vacation for three weeks (and who doesn’t want that).



Hydruluron Moisture Boosting Mask

Indeed Labs

Out of the pack, this looks like your standard sheet mask, but the effect is anything but basic. After about 10 minutes, you can expect to be left with some seriously hydrated skin, that feels smooth as. This is our pick for a quick morning refresh. Our tip – pop it in the fridge before heading out for the night, we guarantee the next morning the added cooling sensation will help to de-puff even the most solid case of hangover.