There are some (make that many) beauty trends we’ve thrown in the ‘looked better on the model’ basket, like Rodarte’s hectic multi-pierced brows (ok, we saw that one coming), bleached brows and, on the more wearable side, the centre part.

You know the one – bang-on, dead straight down the middle with messy ends and a casual kink around the face to make it look like it just… happened.

But if, like us, you’ve tried it on yourself after one too many show seasons, you’ll know it’s one of those things that looks easy, but it’s totally not. Our version always seems slightly off centre, a little bit wonky or just flat and unflattering around the face like a flashback from a bad school photo.

People will tell you it’s not for everyone and it depends on your face shape, but we think they’re wrong.

We found a little trick to get it right every time without looking like you’ve even tried.

Follow these steps and you’ll be all like #iwokeuplikethis