When you’re in the middle of winter and it feels like you’re literally living north of the Wall — dry skin, red nose, pale vampire legs that haven’t seen daylight for months — the concept of “summer” sounds like it has the power to cure everything in an instant. Like as though the moment you step off the plane into some sort of Southeast Asian island paradise, your skin is going to become all clear and sunkissed and you will somehow forget what “email” even is. No stress. Hakuna matata, etc.

But in reality, it’s possible you’ll end up dealing with flight delays and hours waiting in the airport, stuffy recirculated airplane air and your body suddenly in a state of pure unadulterated shock from having entered a humid world full of mosquitos and an overwhelming scent  of coconut oil, not to mention the sudden absence of adrenaline and inertia, both of which  keep you functioning otherwise. You get a dreaded summer cold and your skin might break out from having being suddenly drenched in sweat and smothered in sunscreen. So it’s particularly important to be proactive and take preventative measures to ensure your transition into chillaxation mode is a smooth one.

That’s where our friend Mel Nahas comes in. The Australian living in California (pictured above sunning herself) went from working in amongst the craziness of the music biz to founding the Conscious City Guide and The Bharani Effect. Diet, health and wellness are her shtick — when it comes to feeling good, Mel’s your gal. So we asked her what we need to pack in our carry-ons to keep the good vibes going.

Words, Emily Royal


Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C

Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C — “I love this Vitamin C. It’s a super potent, bio-available form of C that makes sure it gets where it needs to be in the body. I one hundred per cent take one of these on an empty stomach every day while travelling, it’s all about prevention. I don’t know why but after I have it, my skins feels tingly and my eyes feel alive.”



Wild Oregano Oil

Erewhon Market Wild Oregano Oil — “This is nature’s best attack. When I am feeling under the weather, like I’m getting the flu or have a stomach bug, I have a few drops of this in water (but be careful, it’s insanely spicy). I can literally feel it annihilating whatever is about to stop me. I never travel without this, and at home, it’s always there. It’s the best travel emergency saviour and I give bottles away to friends if they’re stopping through on the way to an exotic location. I even take a few drops after I get off the plan, just to keep any bugs at bay.”


Olive Leaf Oil

Gaia Herbs Oil of Olive Leaf — “I love this oil, it’s a great immunity support. When I’m in the air, or on the road and have had really little sleep or am not eating my usual colourful abundance I need a little something extra to help fortify. A half dropper before bed each night when travelling makes sure I’m ready to take everything on.”


Natural Hand Sanitiser

EO Natural Hand Sanitiser — “Ok, so I guess you’ve figured out I’m a germaphobe. Airports and airplanes are amazing inventions that I am so grateful to be able to utilise, but they’re also major culprits in passing things far and wide. So I use this a lot while traveling, and it sanitises without making my hands feel day.”


Peppermint Oil

Doterra Peppermint Oil — “You never know who you’re going to meet at the airport or on the plane, and if you’ve racked a lot of flying time, you’re probably long overdue a toothbrush. I tap a few drops of peppermint oil straight on my tongue for when I can’t brush my teeth. You’re instantly refreshed from the inside out and your whole face feels like it’s had an ice bath.”


Deep Relaxation Yoga

Deep Relaxation Yoga — “Jet lag and loads of travel make me look like a tired little lady. Twenty minutes of Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation yoga) helps me feel revitalised and gives my body the deep relaxation and rest it needs in order for my cells to regenerate and vibrate at their most optimum. ZING! I just pop on my app and get 20 minutes in, then I’m out the door again, looking and feeling refreshed!”