How to do your makeup using only two products

If you’re reading THE FILE, we already know you like it quick and easy (your makeup, we mean), and we’re right there with you.

Less is definitely more, but unless you’re blessed with perfect poreless skin, the no makeup makeup look is actually hard work.

Come on guys, like IRL, we all know that dewy, flawless , ‘I woke up like this’ kind of skin takes serious time and effort, not to mention layers upon layers of concealer, highlighter, skin primer and more concealer.

Well, that’s what we thought anyway, until we tried a little thing called Lancôme Miracle Cushion Foundation, a.k.a. an all-in-one little pillow of goodness that literally makes miracles – as in, when we wear it our skin looks like we’ve just done a 10 day detox at Chiva Som.

This isn’t just another foundation, guys. It’s the first of its kind here, so we’d bet a Baby Sac De Jour you’ve never tried anything like it.

And while we’re on the subject of handbags, we should probably mention that the perfect sized compact slips neatly into any and every cross-body, clutch or carry-all – so you can touch-up on the go when your skin needs a boost. It’s rare that you find something this good that’s so easy to use on the go.

Layer it up as many times as you like. It never clumps, covers every hint of redness or discolouration and brightens dry/dull looking bits with a serious glow hit instantly.

So basically, you can skip all the other stuff and do your whole face with two products, and two products only.

Here’s how…