Our bathroom cabinets usually suffer the same neglect as our overflowing wardrobes. Why own one mascara when you can own 10? Why make do with one pair of black heels when you can have options? But just like your designer pun tee from last season (Féline, Homies anyone?) your make-up comes with an expiry date. The difference is, wearing old mascara can cost you a lot more than your street cred.

Mascara actually has the shortest shelf life of all (2 to 3 months and the party’s over). As a general rule, you should part ways with all products well before they turn crusty. Why? In extreme cases, they breed infection, but on a day-to-day basis they start to degrade in quality (e.g. when you first buy a new foundation and you’re all like *love heart eyes Emoji*, but six months down the track it’s not really doing it for you).

Long story short – if your make-up collection looks anything like the below, it’s time to be ruthless.

Read on to find out when to keep, and when to cull.

By Carmen Hamilton.