Fashion week is in full swing, and it’s at exactly this time every year that we revisit some of the more pressing questions in life like ‘how will my feet survive?’, ‘what if my iPhone dies’ and, more to the point, ‘what can I do to stop my make-up sliding off, smudging all over said iPhone screen or completely disappearing into my pores before I’m even through with my first caffeine hit?’.

Longwear products are good and all, but sometimes you need to call in the big guns – the heavy duty stuff – something to make it stick like (dare we say it) concrete.

It’s all in the way you work your layers. If you think we’re talking about foundation followed with a swoosh of translucent powder, think again. If you want your make-up to go the distance, you need to get a bit more technical than that, but he result? Totally worth it.

Just call on these four products and you’ll have yourself #makeupfordays.