OK, so hear us out – despite what your boyfriend might tell you, candles are not for emergencies only. There’s something awesomely decadent about a luxury candle. The feeling of lighting a wick and burning fine fragrance throughout your apartment, either while taking a bath, reading in bed, or masking that smell of not having cleaned your apartment for two weeks.

It’s not often that we really splash out and splurge on ourselves, but there’s something about buying a candle that feels totally nurturing. We read somewhere that watching fire helps heal the soul, so we figure lighting a candle is the next best thing. And the subtle fragrance has a way of bringing us back into the present moment, creating that sense of calm we all crave.

So we figure you can spend $35 on a yoga class, or you can throw a few extra few dollars at it and get that same sense of mindfulness (and it’s a whole lot less excruciating than an hour of backbends and warrior poses). And bonus points, cost per light is virtually nothing.

So we’ve rounded up the best luxury brands you need to know about. Click through to read on.