Hey, I’m Lila. I grew up between Sydney and New York and moved to LA a couple years ago. It didn’t last long. Resenting the traffic and the slow pace of things, I decided to move back to New York – the worst (and best) city in the world – and now I’m back to where I feel most challenged and inspired. As a singer, I record and write during the week, shuffling back and forth between making music in the studio, on my laptop recording in my bed, or printing tees and making jewelry for my brand.

On my days off, I love to stroll through Chinatown and pick out treasures and snack on little treats I find…I also have a thing for late night games arcades and go at least once a month, blowing some serious cash on car racing and Mario Cart.

I get really bad bouts of psoriasis on my face; it flares up every month and is severe for about two weeks. Clichê I know, but I honestly feel the most beautiful when I’m learning about and tending to my psoriasis and my emotions that are triggered by the flare-ups. It has allowed me to seriously care not only about my skin, but also to do some serious emotional housekeeping, as well as developing self-awareness and learning to accept my insecurities (most of which aren’t superficial in the first place).

I’m young, relatively speaking, but I’m learning to get better at letting go and becoming more aware of myself and my surroundings. Aren’t we all?

Words, Lila Gold.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette

I love anything ethereal and a little dark; smells that remind me of hot summer nights and my youth and colour palettes that remind me of sleepless nights, guilty parties and guilty pleasures.

My favorite colour in the whole wide world is red. It is absolute and definite (but mostly it really suits my skin tone). I use this Urban Decay Naked Heat eyeshadow palette, only mine is the mini version because yes I carry it in my handbag and apply at the club or on the subway! The tones are reds, creamy white and deep, earthy browns. Red shadow on my skin tone creates a kind of “sleepless” look… my eyes look deeper set, wider and a little more sunken, a little punk, a little goth. I kind of like this… well, actually I love this.


Glossier Haloscope Haloscope + Stretch Concealer

To counter my sleepless-looking eye makeup, dewy fresh skin, keeps me looking alive and fresh. Life is all about balance, right? To make that happen, I use Glossier’s Haloscope in Moon Stone. It’s a super hydrating and I can literally just smudge it onto my cheek bones with my fingertips, giving me an ethereal-looking glow (FYI, it’s infused with actual crystals). I also use Glossier’s Stretch Concealer for little touch ups, which again is super hydrating! It never gets cakey and is perfect for reducing redness or any little blemishes.


Skinstitut for Psoriasis

My psoriasis flares up every month and is severe for about two weeks and the only skin care line that I’ve found to work so far is the Australian skincare brand Skinstitut. I use their L-Lactic Cleanser which is really gentle, anti-inflammatory but also gently exfoliating which is perfect for my flakey irritated skin. Coming in second place is their repair balm, which is like magic, really. Containing shea butter and Vitamin A, it hydrates and creates a kind of protective, hydrating layer, giving my super sensitive skin time to heal. In short, I looooove it. I keep mini versions of my Skinstitut repair balm and also their Ultra Moisturiser in my handbag. Because of my dry and irritated skin I often need to re-apply when I’m on the run.


Fawn By ELLIS Brooklyn

Smells are really triggering for me. I wear Fawn By ELLIS Brooklyn and I pretty much douse myself in this every single day. I’m really over the top. Like, 10 sprays over the top. It’s a mix of lily of the valley, coconut milk, rose and vanilla. More than that, it smells like hot summer nights and it really suits my personality being fiery but ~sweet and tender~. Bonus points for being paraben-free, phthalates-free and cruelty-free.


Dr. Bronners Lavender Hand Sanitizer

I live in New York, a grimy, extreme city that is both really punishing and really beautifully rewarding. It’s fast-paced and dirty yet pure to the core of knowing who it is and what is it wants…much like New Yorkers, I suppose. For that reason (namely, the dirty one), I carry Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Hand Sanitizer everywhere with me because well, yeah New York is a cesspool of germs and intense smells and I find that a little remedy like this one goes a long way to calm that big city anxiety. Don’t be fooled by my perfect looking sink – it was totally staged. But I do keep a flower by the tap – often, whatever i’ve bought at the markets. White Baby’s Breath is my favourite flower but a Rose will do too. It’s for nobody else but me, and it makes everything seem a little special…placing one there makes me feel like I’m in control, little things like that give me solace and respite. Seeing the beauty in anything and everything does too.