I most recently moved from London to Paris but have lived in cities all around the world for the last 8 years.  In Paris however, I feel more at home than ever! I am a former fashion assistant at Harper’s Bazaar and now do creative brand consulting, which mostly consists of styling and visual strategy. I also curate @visualpursuit – an online community dedicated to ‘female wonder’; psychology, retro editorial, typography, psychedelia, sexuality.

My lust for life:  life, books, the arts, earth, home-cooking and natural foods.

I think that my adoration for simplicity remains, due to a natural and minimal upbringing. I’d rather invest money on what I put inside my body than on, I eat with the seasons and like to stay hydrated ! I was working behind the Chanel counter aged 18 and learnt the basis of good make-up, I have tried a lot of “luxe” products but my beauty regime now is especially skin-focused; a balanced fusion of nature and science. I am a bit of a purist, the less I pester my skin the better.


I cleanse morning + night, tending to use cream on a morning and a foaming gel at night. I splash my face with cold water, press dry with a thick cotton flannel and massage a few drops of organic, cold-pressed nut or rosehip oil.


Body Brushing

I have always had the driest skin imaginable, prone to psoriasis. Even though this condition stems from the immune system and gut, I swear by body brushing. I gently exfoliate weekly and love the natural fibre body brush by Anae. When I have a flare-up, I tend to use apple cider vinegar “with the mother” as a body rinse. It contains alpha hydroxy acids and helps to restore the skins natural PH. It takes down redness almost immediately and is actually cheaper and more effective than any emollient cream I’ve used, because ACV works with the skin rather than creating a false layer. I sometimes ferment foods and try to eat a probiotic-rich diet.



My go-to makeup is drawn from 60’s – 70’s looks. Following the usual skincare routine, I usually brush my lashes with Lancome Doll Eyes (the most magical wand), add pop Chanel Cream Blush on the cheeks and likely some khol pencil dots beneath the lower lashes. You can find an archive of my favourite vintage beauty looks on @visualpursuit



I have quite an olive in skin tone but get very pale in the winter. So most often at this time of year, I dab a little Glossier Stretch Concealer under the eyes… it’s lightweight and super silky, my favourite make-up product, everrrr. I sweep my cheeks and jawline with Guerlain Terracotta powder and highlight sometimes, using Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. I always set my face with Shiseido jelly lotion which leaves a fresh glow.



I am most particular about my brows, cuticles and hair. The premise here is a good oil ! I love FUR oil, a dermatologically-tested golden elixir, for all types of body hair. I have typical Italian rounded brows, I use Tweezerman to shape slightly and a crystal-clear brow gel, I take care of my cuticles and use Dior nail glow. I really can not leave the house without clean nails and brushed brows!



My hair is quite thick but naturally poker-straight. I shampoo twice a week and massage freshly squeezed lemon into the scalp once a week. I rinse and condition nightly, then tie into a loose plait. I love John Masters Organics lavender + avocado intensive, and Ciel d’Azur Amaranth Protein conditioner. In the morning I’ll untie the plait, brush with Denman detangling brush and work in a couple of drops of essential oil, usually Ylang Ylang or Santal… I feel that fragrance really conveys emotion… so it depends on the mood and who I am seeing!


Down Time

What else ?

Sporadically I like to go for a run or dance, take a steam and apply a mask. Argiltez Green Clay for pores, manuka honey for moisture.

Words, Kay Duffy.