I recently made peace with the fact that my hair will always be fine and mousey. Likewise, it will never graze my butt as I’d spent the better part of 26 years hoping it would. Before this acceptance came hope (sometimes demands!) that I’d be the owner of hair like Serena van der Woodsen’s. When I walked, it would bounce. People would assume I was the holder of many secrets, given how big it was. Most importantly, I could use it as a silky shield whenever I was having a bad face day. Alas, this was not written in the stars.

Instead of focusing all my energy on what my hair is not, I’ve decided to start working with what I’ve got: hair that looks best cut just above my shoulders and strategically dyed to give the impression of being naturally sunned. It responds very well to Kevin Murphy’s Angel Wash, needs to be thoroughly moisturised after swimming at the beach, and enjoys being left the hell alone by any sort of heat tool. If we were to lean into humble brags, I’d tell you that my hair is freakishly soft to touch and can be tied into a bun without the assistance of a hairband. Don’t worry, I’m not that vain.

Is yours thick? Thin? Coarse? Silky? Wavy? Curly? Dead straight? No matter what type of hair sits atop your angelic head, we got you covered! Behold our favourite beauty girls and their tricks for healthy, luscious hair:

Dayna Frazer

“I typically use Aesop’s Classic Shampoo and Conditioner for my hair, and wash every other day. I love the earthy smell, and it feels really invigorating. I also have short hair, so I don’t think too far beyond how it smells, to be honest. I towel-dry it, and rub a pea-sized amount of the Aesop conditioner through the ends to smooth it down a bit. Sometimes, for a healthy scalp that’s clear for hair growth, I’ll make a scrub of sea salt and coconut oil and gently scrub my scalp, then rinse and wash as usual.”


TyLynn Nguyen

“I use a ton of Klorane products. Their shampoo and conditioners are heavenly. I also use Shea Moisture Jamaican Castor Oil Strengthen and Grow Shampoo. Using the shampoos every other week keeps my hair guessing and growing.”


Aurora James

“I wash my hair every 7-10 days and only use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. I don’t use heat on it, except for the day I do my blow out. I think taking fish oil really helps.”


Monica Ainley

“Leave Klorane Conditioner with Desert Date in for five minutes for the best-smelling* and most effective moisture infusion you’ll ever come across.

*Caution: Easily mistaken for icing sugar.”


Rachel Rutt

“I am now a huge convert of Shu Uemura. Their Urban Moisture range has healed a lot of damage I had from both modelling and being a bit careless for many years. At one point, I didn’t even own a hair brush. Now I take it seriously! I got lucky one birthday and received a Mason Pearson hair brush, which has changed my life! I have a very sensitive scalp, so I use Thursday Plantation’s tea tree shampoo once a week. I also think diet is very important. What we put inside is reflected in our outer self.”


Margaret Zhang

“My hair is much drier than it used to be pre-blonde, so I always put in Kérastase’s Sensidote Serum before I head out for the day, do a hydrating hair mask once a week, and do an apple cider vinegar rinse once a month.”


Arpana Rayamajhi

“I love to use hair oils. Monoi Tiare Tahiti from French Polynesia. I will use coconut and almond oil, and even olive oil.”


Words, Madeleine Woon.