I’m Isabella! I’m an illustrator, animation student, artistic feminist, and creator of many kinds dwelling in SoCal. I love being in nature, cooking for myself and my friends, getting up early, and doing anything that makes people happy really! I live with a lot of anxiety, which means taking extra care to make sure I’m looking after myself mentally and physically. For me, my morning and nightly routines are super important acts of self-care and nurturing. As it’s my first year being in college, adjusting to dorm life and the college grind has made for good practice in keeping myself comfortable and calm.

Le Labo Rose 31

I’ve never considered myself much of a perfume-wearing type of person, until I was introduced to this lil beauty! I fell in love the second I opened the package. They take so much care into everything they create (they even printed my name on the bottle like a little present)! Wearing it makes me feel kinda sophisticated and strong but still soft enough to feel feminine.


Aaand everything else by Le Labo

I genuinely appreciate how pure and straightforward all of Le Labo’s products are! And they’re genderless too, which is really refreshing to see; they aren’t aimed at men or women, they’re just really, really good. Their natural scents and nourishing feeling honestly give me the sense of embracing my innate beauty and being of the earth when I use them–a really amazing thing, especially when I’m feeling nostalgic for traveling or being in the forest.


Ojai Dirt Candy Hand Balm

As an artist I constantly have to be looking out for my hands, the lil guys do so much! I found this product on a day trip up to Ojai last fall. This hand balm is the perfect product for me. My hands are always happy to have some of this (I actually just got up to grab some while writing this). It’s creamy, made completely of natural ingredients like coconut oil and beeswax, and its calm scent is one of the best combos of lavender and rosemary ever.


Trader Joe’s Face Masks

In all honesty, I could call Trader Joe’s my second home. I only recently discovered they have some of their own skincare products, like these! They come in a little pack of three, perfectly complementing one another and working together to make my skin feeling fresh and so soft. The rose gel mask in particular is my favorite.


Neutrogena sunscreen

On a daily basis I don’t have much of a makeup routine; I like to keep my skin free and breathing. If anything, I try to feed my skin only what’s natural and what it needs. A little sunscreen is always a good idea for me, and since my skin can be pretty sensitive from time to time this brand is perfectly clean feeling and gentle for day-to-day use.


Lavender spray

My mom taught my how comforting it is to have something that smells like home when you can’t be at home. That’s what lavender is to me. If I’m about to go to bed at the end of a stressful day, I’ll spray some on my pillow to give myself an extra reason to love my bed. Being a person who can have trouble falling asleep because of anxiety, this is one of my favorite sleep practices! It helps my mind settle down a bit and brings up good memories.


Words and photography, Isabella Spadone.