If there’s a formula for French cool, Inès Mélia has it down pat. There’s also scarcely a moment when the Parisian DJ and sound designer isn’t making her way around the world, working with brands like Chanel, Isabel Marant, Dior, and Chloé, which, naturally, makes for an envy-inducing Instagram.

Despite spending her nights playing in the crème de la crème of Parisian clubs, she somehow still manages to stick to her beauty routine, maintaining that effortless beauty we at THE FILE are all about. So, you’ll be as glad as we were to hear that pharmacy products make up most of the French beauty’s product shelf. Get acquainted below.

Argan Oil


“Ever since I was a child, I’ve spent all my summers in Morocco, in Essaouira, a small port town where my father, Charles Mélia, makes wine. It’s called Le Val d’Argan. That’s where I learned the beauty rituals of Moroccan women, and their use of argan oil to moisturise the skin. I alternate it with jojoba oil, which I mix generously with my moisturising cream.”


Tom Ford Sole Di Positano


“I usually do not wear perfume, because I prefer the natural smell of the skin, but I must say that I was seduced by the new Tom Ford – very cool and light for summer.”


3CE Stylenanda Tinted Moisture Cushion CC


“I discovered the brand 3CE during a trip to Korea. At the airport, before taking the plane, I raided the Korean snail masks, which I wanted to offer to my friends as a private joke, but then got distracted by the packaging of this foundation. Since then, it has become indispensable for me.”


Boiron Homéostick Lip Balm


“An excellent lip balm, which I discovered trough my friend Joy, who lives in New York. As I was going to visit her last month, I asked her if she wanted me to bring her anything from France, and she told about this lip balm that she could not find. Since then, I have totally adopted it!”


Avène Cold Cream


“Concerning moisturising creams, I am very classical. I opt mostly for creams that I buy in pharmacies. The Avène Cold Cream is the best – I steal it all the time from my boyfriend when I feel that I have very dry skin. I apply a thick layer before going to sleep, like a mask. For the day, I use Hydrance Optimale, which is much lighter.”


Words, Betsy Greaves. With thanks to Inès Mélia