Last year, I realised I was financially unstable, which would be OK, except for the fact that my boyfriend is showing no sign of becoming independently wealthy, and Trump’s America has got me worried about the future. Owing to some sort of existential fear, I signed the next corporate contract that came my way. You know the type – office in a refurb’d warehouse, free gym membership, and people who take fast fashion way too seriously.

When I get stressed, I pick my lips. I pick really ugly patches off my lips that feel like my grandmothers moth-bitten fur, and look like the surface of Mars. My therapist said I need to exercise and meditate, and Google MD gives me night terrors, so, rather than address the deeper issues, I decided I’d find a remedy for the symptoms. Here are my top five lip tints for hiding picked, dry, or red wine-stained lips.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in Mauve Glow


Make-up artist Sophie Roberts once told me not to be too precious with lip tint. Don’t try to make it perfect – let it bleed a little over your lips, so that it looks “kissed in”. The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in Mauve is the ultimate tint to get you that fresh-from-a-pash look, and is one of the most long-wearing tints in the game. It’s highly pigmented, and feels as luxurious going on as its packaging looks.


Burts Bees Lip Balm in Tinted Violet


Beeswax, shea butter, and plant oils in perfect hues for an affordable price. You really can’t go wrong here. Having the grown-up, nourishing version of your trusty ol’ lip smacker that gives you the subtlest violet shade is a lip tint dream come true.


Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon


This old favourite is chalky and super matte – think Drew Barrymore circa ’92. Like all the best tints, it gives your lips a super lush and natural lewk. You can use it on both yo’ cheeks and lips, making it the #perf product to carry around with you on a ~night out~.


Prismatique Lips by Surratt in Glitteratia


Sheer, glittery, and with the ultimate coverage for your moth-bitten lips. It was formulated in Japan, so you know it’s good, and mixes shimmering pigments with rich colours. It’s really moisturising, doesn’t feel at all sticky, and stays on your lips for daaaaays.* Would definitely recommend.



Words, Britt McCamey