If you’re anything like us, it’s most likely that you spent the last two weeks drenched in champagne as opposed to detoxing at Chiva Som – nothing like a cocktail of back-to-school blues and dull skin to kick start a new work year. *Sad face*.

So we’ve all heard about the benefits of highlighting, but truth be told, it often conjures up images of silver flecked shimmer (shudder) or worse, something that resembles a bad case of strobing.

So when we stumbled across RMS Living Luminizer –  a light, gentle organic cream highlighter with a coconut oil base, aka glow-in-a-tin, it was love at first sight. The thing is, this isn’t your ordinary highlighter, it gives more of a glow rather than a sheen or shimmer, which naturally highlights the face. We don’t want to say wet look, because it’s not that, but the skin takes on a lit from within quality that usually involves 3L of water and a Bikram class.

It’s not often that you get compliments from a product, so when you do you know something’s up. Comments like “you’re looking so fresh”, “you’re glowing”, “have you been on holidays?”, “are you seeing someone?”…are just a few we’ve received while wearing it.

Zero to fresh-faced, real quick. After a few different attempts, RMS Living Luminiser gave us the best results when used along with Rose Marie Swift’s (RMS-founder) step-by-step guide.

Anything that gets us looking this good, this fast? We’re down. Click through to see how it’s done.