There are three fashion certainties in life; black is our numero uno, if in doubt dress it down, and Céline’s indefinable cool.

Phoebe Philo has a knack of showing us what we need before we know it (and also sending us broke, but that’s a story for another time). The trainers, The Trio, The Trousers, the entire Resort 14 collection. The desire never ends.

So every time fashion week rolls around we wait for the Céline Paris show. And this year, goddamn it didn’t disappoint. But what sent us into something that resembled a mild anaphylactic shock was the hair. More specifically the braids.

Boyish cool, the hair had a soft masculine quality (basically our daily MO); simple, slicked back, clean, braids –  boy in the front, girl in the back. So we got the low down on how the show’s hair stylist (Guido no less) created them.

Click through to see how it’s done from the man himself.

Model wears Matin overalls.

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