Hey! It’s Seala here. I’m 25 years old and I currently live and work as a multi-disciplinary artist in Melbourne. I spent my youth growing up in Byron Bay / Mullumbimby. Everyone seems to have experienced or heard tales of Byron’s magic oceans and soothing leafy waterholes. I certainly feel blessed to have grown up by the sea and greenery of the Northern Rivers, and sure enough, it’s been my healing place. Speaking of healing, I believe that a life emersed in as much nature as possible is the best medicine for one’s body and mind – in my eyes, this MO equals a healthy life…which equates to a healthy body, healthy mind. Now that I live in Melbourne, I experience 4 seasons in one day as well, as all of the frenetic energy a busy city, so these days I tend to gravitate toward products that keep me feeling natural and fresh in a not-so-natural environment.

NARS Semi Matte Morocco Lipstick

The one makeup item that I can’t live without is my NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick in Morocco. The colour makes me feel so beautiful, while still feeling relatively natural. I have worn this one colour for the past 5 years without fail and the best thing about it is that it adapts so well to all lip colours and skin tones. Every time I wear it, I always end up writing the details down for friends and strangers as I think it is a MUST HAVE for every lipstick wearer. I wear ‘Morocco’ lightly rubbed in with my finger to sheer it out, along with a little By Terry Baume De Rose for hydration.


RMS Beauty Eye Polish in Lucy

Recently I’ve been using this NARS ‘The Multiple’ stick in ‘Copacabana‘  and I love it! It comes in lots of colours but I am really into Copacabana as it is very natural and sits well on many different planes of the face. I apply it freely wherever I feel like highlighting for the day.

RMS ‘Eye Polish’ is one of my favourite products. They do so many amazing colours, but I love the colour ‘Lucky’. Perfect for a subtle look on the eyelid. It gives a beautiful glow and is easy to apply with one finger. If you are like me and like to spend minimal time on makeup this is it!


Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily Defence Sunscreen

After my shower and moisturiser, I use NARS ‘Monoi Body Glow Oil’. It is a multi-purpose oil with a shimmer that gives a really beautiful glow to the skin! When I lived by the beach I would have never used a product like this but now that I’m living in a colder climate for half the year I feel this makes me feel sun-kissed and glowy even on the coldest day. I apply this to my arms, legs and chest and where ever else might need some love.

I love my ‘Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen’ by Kiehl’s‘. It is so light and rubs into the skin so gently and evenly. It lasts a long time in the tube and as well as on the face. I never used sunscreen when I was younger but have decided to use it as I get a bit older to help prevent further pigmentation and sun damage. I have used this product for around 4 years now and I love it. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a light and easy-to-use product.


Kiehl's Tumeric & Cranberry Seed Energising Radiance Masque

I love this Kiehl’s ‘Tumeric & Cranberry Seed Energising Radiance Masque. It brightens like nothing else and gives my skin the lift it needs living the city life. It helps bring back the glow to the skin as well as softly exfoliates the surface. I use this once a week as my one-and-only face treatment.


Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak

My hair has become a lot drier living in Melbourne. Maybe something to do with the water and the air. I love this Kiehls Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak which I use as a conditioner every 3-4 days when I wash my hair. The heaviness of the product helps to keep my hair healthy and hydrated. It also works well with wavey hair like mine and leaves no room for frizz!