Bonjour there, my name is Honey Forestier. I am a 25 year old French girl leaving in New York. I’ve been studying Fine Arts at School of Visual Arts for the past three years now and absolutely love both the city and the practice. My main thing is painting and drawing but before that I used to study Fashion design in Paris for a couple years. After a summer internship in New York in 2013 for the French brand A.P.C. I decided I wanted to come here for good and paint again, took me two years but here I am. When it comes to beauty, I manage it just as organically as my work. Some products just stuck with me for years and years and some I just feel inspired by for a moment depending on the mood or season.


I thought I’d start with step one which is a clear face. I am a big fan of foaming face wash that I usually use to remove the rest of my makeup or to wake up and freshen up in the morning. This one is from Boots in London, it is one of those drugstore products that I discovered randomly about 8 years ago while visiting a friend there. It smells like peppermint so if you want your face to smell as good as Regina George’s face, I strongly recommend it. The Botanic spray I apply after my face is cleaned up, it instantly makes me feel revitalized and I find slightly moisturize my skin too.



My skin is naturally dry but I absolutely hate greasing it up with some heavy face moisturizer that your skin takes forever to absorb. I believe I found the perfect compromise between the two and it’s called Effaclar Mat by La Roche-Posay. I got it back home at the pharmacy last summer, it had a very smooth texture that isn’t sticky and smells good and by good I mean barely nothing which I heard is good for your skin.



For my hair that I highlight every couple month (and tend to get dry as well), I am obsessed with this R+Co Pinstripe Intense Detangling  Spray that my hairdresser in the city recommended me. I can put it heavily on my hair wet or dry and it will always leave them shiny, smelling great and of course untangled.



I was walking on Bleeker Street a couple months ago and discovered The Mask Bar. I was sold on the level of cuteness that the whole shop has to offer but wasn’t sure it would be as nice and effective for my skin but I must say I am now seeing myself going back and buying new boxes of masks. I stock all of these babies in my refrigerator to be ready for my weekly use. I found the Korean E.G.T Timetox to be extremely nourishing for my skin, leaving it extra smooth.


Bronzing Powder

So when it comes to makeup, they are of things I’ve been using daily for a while now, this Bobbi Brown bronzing powder is one of them. It is my ultimate tool to have a sun-kissed look year round. My mystical eyeshadow palette called Rainforest Of The Sea is from Tarte. I think its a good color range for my hair color and skin tone.



My parfume is another story, I started mixing two scents together two years ago for some reason and I’ve been told I smell delicious ever since I do this. I picked the Narcisso Rodriguez parfume right when I moved to Paris for the first time when I was 18. I remember very well reading that article in some fashion magazine about this tomboy girl model wearing For Her and I decided this would be mine just from reading it was a parfum masculin/féminin with a very androgynous smell. I’ve been wearing it ever since. The body mist came a little later in the game, since everybody is wearing Narcisso Rodriguez now and I’d hear that I smell like a friend of a friend half the time I put this Steel Garden scent on top to spice it up. Voilà!

Words, Honey Forestier.